Competitor applications will now be accepted until

Friday, June 29th.

Main competition is Red Chili ($35 entrance fee). Cooks can also compete in the Homestyle Chilicompetition (+$15 entrance fee). Additional prizes will be awarded for Showmanship and People’s Choice.

First time CASI rules contest!

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A Guide for the First Time CASI Cook


Download the 2018 Windsor Chili Cook-Off Registration Packet


• This is a CASI Sanctioned Event on the World Chili Circuit. CASI
rules will be enforced. Competition Chili is Red Chili, no fillers. You
may also enter in the Homestyle Chili category.
• Red Chili and Showmanship judging is by educated judges using
CASI rules. Chili is judged on Aroma – Red Color – Consistency –
Taste – Aftertaste.
• Public tasting is an integral part of this competition. Contestants will
serve out 1 oz of Red Chili to each ticket holder. Contestants must
create a minimum of six (6) gallons of Competition Red Chili for
judging and to serve to the public.
• Homestyle chili will be judged after the Red Chili competition by
event judges. Competitors only need to make enough Homestyle
Chili for judging, 24 oz at most.
• The People's Choice award is voted on by all ticket holders.
• The top ten (10) Competition Red Chili winners and the top three (3)
Showmanship, Homestyle Chili and People’s Choice Chili winners
will be announced in reverse order of finish at 3:30 pm.
• The event will be held on Market Street on the Windsor Town Green.
• Each contestant/group will be provided a 10x10 space for their booth.
• Venue opens at 7:00 a.m. Saturday, July 14th, for booth set up and
decoration, cooking may begin at 8:00 a.m.
• Event opens to the public at noon and ends at 4:00 pm. Contestants
must keep their booth open and staffed until 4:00 pm.
• Organizers will provide two-ounce soufflé tasting cups and tasting
spoons to each contestant for all ticketed tastes. Unused serving ware
will be collected by event staff at 4:00 pm.
• Entries will be confirmed and assigned a booth in order of date
received. Space is limited to the first fifty (50) teams based on date
of entry.

A. CHILI COOKED ON SITE - All chili must be cooked from scratch on
site the day of the cookoff. All chili must be prepared in the open, in

     1. CHILI COOKED FROM SCRATCH - Scratch" is defined as
starting with raw meat. No marinating is allowed. Commercial chili
powder is permissible, but complete commercial chili mixes ("just add
meat" mixes that contain pre-measured spices) are not permitted.
    2. NO FILLERS IN CHILI - Beans, macaroni, rice, hominy, or other
similar ingredients are not permitted.
    3. SANITATION - Cooks are to prepare and cook chili in as sanitary a
manner as possible.
conditions are subject to inspection by the head judge or his/her
designee and CASI Referee. Failure to comply is subject to
             b. COOKS MAY HAVE TO TASTE THEIR CHILI - At the
discretion of the head judge or CASI Referee, chili cooks may be
required to remove the lids from their chili cups and taste
their chili before turning in for judging. If a contestant
refuses, his or her chili will be disqualified.
B. ONE CHILI PER COOK - Each head cook is responsible for
preparing one pot of chili that he or she intends to be judged and
turning in one judging cup from that pot. No more than one judging
sample can be taken from any one pot.
C. COOKS MUST SIGN NUMBER SLIPS - Chili cooks must sign
their secret ticket slips in ink with their first and last names at the time
cups are issued. A cook will not be eligible to win (place in the top
10), if their secret ticket is unsigned when presented. Cooks must
present their signed secret ticket to win.
D. PROTECT THE JUDGING CUP - Once judging cups have been
issued, each head cook is responsible for his or her judging cup.
Cooks must not remove or tamper with the ticket on the outside of the
cups. Any marked or altered cup must be replaced prior to turn-in or it
will be disqualified. (See Sections A.4 and 5 for cup replacement.)
E. FILLING CUPS - Cups must be filled to ¾ inch from the top of the
cup or to the level designated at the cooks meeting.
F. CHILI TURN-IN - Chili will be turned in at the place and time
designated at the cooks meeting or as designated by the head judge.
G. PYROTECHNICS - No chili contestant may discharge firearms or
use any pyrotechnics or explosives at a chili cookoff. Contestants
discharging firearms and/or using explosives or other pyrotechnics
will be disqualified from the chili cookoff.
H. PENALTIES - Failure to comply with CASI rules will result in
disqualification of an individual cook for the cookoff. Decisions of the
official(s) are final. In case of disqualification, the CASI official
monitoring the cookoff will immediately notify the head cook and
give a reason for disqualification. In the event disqualification of a
cup of chili occurs after judging has started, it is not necessary that the
cook be located or given an explanation for the disqualification.

Competition chili is blind judged on the following five criteria:
1. AROMA - Chili should smell appetizing.
2. CONSISTENCY - Chili should be a smooth combination of meat
and gravy.
3. RED COLOR - Chili should look appetizing.
4. TASTE - Chili should taste good.
5. AFTERTASTE - Chili should leave a pleasant taste after
Please download the official CASI rulebook for detailed information at:

Showmanship like chili must be in good taste and is judged on the following
five criteria:
1. THEME - The show subject, topic, or context should be original.
2. COSTUME - Show costumes should promote the show theme.
3. BOOTH SET-UP - The show booth should promote the show theme.
4. ACTION - Show should be action-oriented.
5. AUDIENCE APPEAL - Show should be entertaining to the audience.

There will be no outside activity or entertainment that interferes with
showmanship during the two-hour (minimum) show period.
1. Showmanship teams must enter the chili cook-off competition.
2. Must enter all CASI cook-offs in any one chili year under the same
name and address to receive all showmanship points.
3. Must be limited so as not to interfere with other contestants.
4. Cannot use nudity and lewdness in their shows.
5. Cannot use firearms, explosives, or pyrotechnics in their shows.
6. May use battery powered amplification with limited volume so as not
to interfere with other contestants.
7. Will be judged both at their cook sites and while traveling around the
cookoff, if applicable, during the judging period.
8. Must display "rodeo style" number in highly visible locations.
NOTE: Contestants who fail to comply with these rules will be disqualified
from the competition for this cook-off.

• Cooking stove and propane, butane, wood or charcoal fuel.
• Cooking pot, utensils for cooking, cutting boards, knife, cooler, ice,
paper towels, bbq lighter (if using charcoal), clean-up supplies
• Gloves for people who are serving chili.
• All ingredients and equipment.
• Fire extinguisher
• EZ-UP or tent and tables are required. Chairs if you want to sit. EZUp
or tent for your booth space can not exceed 10 feet square.
• Chili booth, sign(s) identifying your chili team name, decorations,
props, costumes, battery-powered amplifier, musical instruments,
giveaways, and any other equipment to be used in show.
• Hand washing station with 2 wash tubs and liquid soap and a roll of
paper towels.

We’ll see YOU at the Cook-Off!

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